Book Editor Coach – Willy Mathes

"Willy is a great editor! Always warm, inspiring and insightful, he digs into the material and provides feedback and editing on both structure and content that make a tremendous difference towards the book's success."

- Bari Lyman, Author of Meet to Marry (Published by HCI Books, publishers of Chicken Soup for the Soul series)

"Willy edited my book, Mystic Warrior, which helped it to win two national book awards! It's a pleasure to work with someone who truly wants your own best voice to come through."

- Ed Spina, Independent Publisher Gold Book Award-winner

>>> Dr. Volney Steele’s book, Rising Out of Chaos: The History of Modern 
Medicine’s Military Roots
, was recently picked up by Mountain Press and
​will be published in the fall of 2016.

>>>  Dixie Distler's latest, The Life and Times of Bob Cratchit:
A Background Story to Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol
, was named
one of Kirkus Reviews' "Best Indie Books of 2015."

>>> Popular blogger Valerie Gangas just self-published her first book, 
Enlightenment Is Sexy: Every Woman’s Guide ​to a Magical Life,  and quickly
achieved distinction by becoming Amazon's "Best New Release" in the
"New Thought" genre.

>>> Greta Gleissner's Something Spectacular: The True Story of One
Rockette's Battle with Bulimia
was bought by Seal Press, an imprint of
the Perseus Book Group.

>>> Bari Lyman sold her manuscript, Meet to Marry: A Dating Revelation
for the Marriage-Minded,
to HCI Books, publishers of the mega-bestselling
series, Chicken Soup for the Soul.

For more than seventeen years, I've helped dozens of writers, both seasoned and new authors, get their manuscripts published – and I've done so by continually putting my attention on what my clients care about:

  • Working closely together with you from the start, I clearly identify and then center my attention on achieving the results you're looking for… first and foremost, I work to get you the book you've always wanted.    
  • I focus intently on getting your truest voice out there-your most authentic voice on every page. 
  • I apply all I have to offer to each client's manuscript–including many years of professional editing expertise, five years of teaching college English and psychology to thousands of students, and a finely tuned sense of intuition–so the completed manuscript is the compelling, streamlined, reader-friendly book you've always desired to share with the world. 

I work best with the following types of writers:

  • Previously published authors writing about topics that carry powerful, life-changing messages 
  • Anyone writing about highly specialized topics or working in highly specialized fields, who seek to inform the masses about their unique area of interest 
  • New authors who have been successful in their field or outstanding in some area, and who have the desire to reach a wide audience and inspire the best in them